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Format: CD
Release date: June 2001
Cat. no.: aatp09
Label: Auf Abwegen (D)
Ltd. edition: 500 copies, hand-numbered
Packaging: 5 panel folder in jewelcase
Artwork by: Anemone Tube


1 Flesh & Bombs 10:13
2 Secondary Master 4:43
3 Choke Down 5:41
4 :existence 11:10
5 Red Waves 5:55
6 Continuity 4:07
7 The Encounter III 8:19


"German ambient-industrial project Anemone Tube was formed in 1996, and has explored a variety of heavy noisescapes and rhythmic blocks of sound; the Tube's modus operandi has always seemed to focus on putting the listener into a state of delirium caused by constantly shifting sounds and tones sourced from assorted organic and synthetic sounds, and this approach has resulted in a stylistically diverse body of work over the years. On the debut full length Existence, a nearly hour-long disc released in a hand-numbered limited edition of 500 copies, Anemone Tube is at it's heaviest, constructing seven bulky tracks that move from gorgeous ambient dronescapes to crushing, loop-heavy walls of distortion and menacing melodic tracers undulating over grinding rhythmic throb, sort of like what I'd expect a collaboration between Wolf Eyes and Maurizio Bianchi to sound like, although you can also draw lines to Throbbing Gristle, SPK, and violent early UK power electronics when tracks like 'Choke Down' and 'The Encounter III" get into full swing and start obliterating speakers with ferocious torrents of factory distortion. I really dig the way that Existence manages to balance the haunting, atmospheric drones and buried deconstructed rhythms with the louder, brutal passages of rumbling machine filth, making this much easier to digest than many of Anemone Tube's peers. Packaged in an elegant jewel case with a large 10-panel booklet glowing in fiery, fractaled reds and oranges, imprinted with mysterious pictograms.”
(Crucial Blast, USA)

”First proper CD release by this German project. The sounds range from beautiful ambient soundscapes to more harsh, loopy noise tracks. Layers of distorted rhythms, haunting drones and rumbling Industrial Noise make this a recommended release for fans of early Orphx, Throbbing Gristle and SPK.”
(Cold Spring, UK)

”Active in the german noise / drone scene since 1997, Anemone Tube has had to wait till 2001 to release its first full length album, ":Existence", on the label of the Auf Abwegen magazine. 7 tracks for a total of 50 minutes come in an elegant CD displaying a warm, fire-like design.
The tracks Anemone Tube has written for this album are somewhere between harsh noise ("Secondary master" or even the power electronics of "Choke Down"), and calmer ones, made of distant drones and long soundscapes that carry a dark mood ("Red waves" and it violin-like high pitched sounds, "Flesh and bombs").
This CD evens dwells into quasi-electronic (understand "undistorted electronics") on "Continuity" and the very dronesque "The encounter II" which progresses slowly into a new harsh, loud and noisy track.
Very well done, this CD demonstrate how mature Anemone Tube is. From noise material that can compare tothe new american noise scene (think Troniks or Fusion Audio) to soundscapish and abyssmal tracks, the diversity of this CD adds to his quality and brings some fresh air to breathe between the most suffocating tracks. Really well done, this is for sure a success for a debut album, and I guess that Anemone Tube is going to make quite a name for himself in the noise scene."
(Recycle Your Ears, Nicolas, Berlin, June 15th, 2001)

"This is a brand new release of this great German Noise activist. 7 tracks of original Noise from violent to ambient, with many sound sources and great arrangements. The impression of new sound is felt while listening to this great work mixing many influences but in a very personal manner. Atmospheric parts a really mind escaping invitations and powerful ones will pulse your brain. Definitely a Great project to discover or to follow if you want something new in noise sound construction. Get this one now!"
(The Noisiest Newsletter . Ben . September 2001)

This is the first real CD release from the German Anemone Tube, previously having released a load of tapes, vinyl and CDRs. Originally this was supposed to be Anemone Tubes last release, as Stefan was meaning to stop making noise and to concentrate on his graphic designing. Nonetheless, as the text 'A new beginning " in the inner sleeve of this CD suggests, Stefan has maybe decided to continue with Anemone Tube and apparently is preparing new material as we speak. This CD the other hand contains material recorded between 1996-1999 and it represents the more harsh side of Anemone Tube. Of the six tracks included, more than half are probably the noiseiest material ever heard from this band, but instead of plain harsh 'noise, they often bear clear structures and occasionally even rhythms that keep them from becoming too static. Also, the layers of distorted electronics and diverse sounds are so dense and detailed, that the tracks remain quite interesting throughout. Combining the extreme flushes or white noise with some low frequency electronics also quarantees, that the sound contains an essential amount of of strength, The more calm, harsh ambient side of Anemone Tube is presented here on "Red Waves" as well as on the title track which is my absolute favorite of the CD with its slowly evolving layers of massive sound. As a sort of a "new start'" for Anemone Tube this CD serves well and I hope that Stefan has enough enthusiasm arid vision to keep developing the material onwards. (J)
(Degenerate Magazine)

Any extreme music fans in the room? (i see hands raising up here and there). Well, kids, you’ll have lots to go crazy over. :EXISTENCE is of the stuff menacing and rather merciless albums are made of. This is not non-stop japnoise frenzy from beginning to end; indeed, the Japanese influence can be felt on various tracks, but the album rather proposes various paths, amalgamated one with the other, all in a total nervous fashion: power-electronics, old-school industrial, hardcore noise, drones, subdued deconstructed rhythms …the middle track of the album (its nucleus), :EXISTENCE, based on an essentially ambient backbone, deranges, in the same way the more saturated tracks of the disc do. An album that is striking in its intensity. A must for fans of MERZBOW, SOLDNERGEIST or THROBBING GRISTLE etc.
(Angel Records)

Anemone Tube is het pseudoniem dat de Duitser Stefan H. hanteert voor zijn noise-escapades op het Duitse undergroundlabel Auf Abwegen. :existence bevat zeven tracks die de luisteraar in een delirische trance moeten brengen. Hanser werkt zich flink uit de naad op het knarsende en knetterende 'Flesh & Bombs', 'Secondary Master', 'Choke Down' en 'The Encounter III' om een zo extreem mogelijk geluid te creëren met analoge en digitale geluidsbronnen. Beeld je in dat je ergens op het drukste kruispunt van het land staat temidden van het niet aflatende en helse geluid van boorhamers, overvliegende jets, krijsend verkeer en ondefinieerbare stemmen die constant in- en uitfaden. Diegem, jawel… Het contrast met de golvende illbient van 'Red Waves' en 'Continuity' is enorm. Die twee tracks roepen de verstilde sfeer op van een net gebeurde lustmoord. :existence is de perfecte soundtrack voor uw hentaï-bondage rituelen op een late zaterdagavond.
(Urban Magazine)

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