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Christian Renou / Anemone Tube

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Format: CD
Release date: 12.04.2003
Cat. no.: aatp12
Label: Auf Abwegen (D)
Ltd. edition: 500 copies, hand-numbered
Packaging: Transparent, green-yellow, oversized envelope with folded poster booklet
Basic Structures & Sounds: Anemone Tube
Deconstructions, Reconstructions, Electronics [Additional], Tape [Additional], Mixed By [Final], Mastered By: Christian Renou
Theoretical Statement, Artwork by: Anemone Tube


1 Transference 8:40
2 Transference 4:55
3 Transference 25:40
4 Transference 5:09
5 Transference 4:26
6 Transference 11:14


"Anemone Tube is a relatively new ambient-concrete project from Germany. Christian Renou is the man behind the legendary project Brume, and released tons of excellent works on almost every important label in the field of drone music and music concrete. Now that the Brume project is no more, Christian Renou works under his own name. On this CD Renou reworks some of the recordings made by Anemone Tube. The result is an intense dark-ambient drone work that ranges from soft drones to loud noise-bursts. The CD is quite different from the average Brume material, since it lacks the immensely layered fluttering sounds that are so common in electro-acoustic compositions. It is really atmospheric and most of the time very calm. Also the CD is very melancholic and emotional. This release comes in a nice oversized package and is limited to 500 copies. It is highly recommended."
(, TD 2003)

"Christian Renou, the French man behind the Brume project, has reworked the music of Germany’s Anemone Tube. The result is a stunning collection of pieces – untitled yet under the heading of “transference” – that range from analogue bruitism to concrete sounds and dense soundscapes in an ambient mood. Underneath the music’s flow there lies a sense of despair and soft melancholy. These are not hard guys, although their music can be challenging and harsh at times. The tracks create an atmosphere of longing, a feeling that there is more to it all than appears on the surface at first glance. Very suitable is the accompanying design, a minimal and elegant poster booklet conceived by Stefan Hanser, the man behind Anemone Tube. The CD and booklet are packaged in a green specially printed envelope and come in a hand-numbered edition of 500 copies."
(DENSE, 036, Berlin, Juni 2003)

"French project BRUME is no more, but its creator, CHRISTIAN RENOU, is as active as he was. This legendary figure of concrete and drone music teams up, this time, with ANEMONE TUBE, a German artist renowned for his monolithic and dense drones; here, ANEMONE TUBE’s compositions are reworked by RENOU. The resulting sound loops oscillate between melancholic drones that could make stones cry and noisy outbursts that are well-measured and controlled, and sometimes embedded as interludes between the calmer passages. Organic, elusive and often emotional, this record surprises the listener by its freshness and audacity. It played on repeat mode at .Angle.Rec.’s headquarters during a whole day… A disc that is unseizable but that will seize you and will litterally possess you. "
(Urban Magazine)

"Du néologisme du titre découle beaucoup de suggestions et d’idées. L’association de 2 termes, transparence et transfert, émanation directe du vocabulaire de l’image et du son suggère ici les apports visuels et musicaux des 2 protagonistes, respectivement Stefan H. et Christian Renou. Une collaboration qui prend en fait les traits d’une relecture d’un travail passé, prétexte à la sortie du brouillard de Christian Renou, artiste français caché durant de longues années sur le pseudonyme Brume. Un travail qui, ça ne surprendra personne (du moins pour les amateurs du français) gravite et s’imprègne d’une densité sonore noire et palpable, matière évoluant et lancinante de couches dark atmosphériques, d’éléments néo industriels, et de strates droniennes et opaques. Une sorte d’esthétique de l’austérité et de l’obscurité qui prend à l’occasion des couleurs « liturgiques et ambiantes » comme sur ce second et troisième morceau d’une belle intensité. Stefan Hanser, en sus d’être musicien au sein d’Anémone Tube, a par la voie de la plastique et du design, développé une pensée conceptuelle autour de ses travaux qui se reflète  dans la fluctuation de lignes fines et « parallèles » qui ornent ce Transference. Les amateurs d’Alan Lamb, de Comae ou des climats de chez Ant-zen seront comblés."

"Here is a nice collaboration from artists whose works I`ve always enjoyed. Anemone Tube and Christian Renou/Brume. For this work Anemone Tube has provided source sounds which Christian Renou has re-worked and finally added his own sounds to it. A lot of material is very calm and ambient, reminding me very much of Anemone Tube`s more ambient and droning approach, but there are also some more striking noises and louder electronics addong to the dynamics of the sounds. The subtle melodies underneath the dense soundscapes create a sense of melancholy on the entire work which sometimes appears as a sad mood in the ambience or in a more aggressive manner as abrasive loiud electronics like in the third track and I like it a lot. Limited eddies of 500 copies in a poster sleeve." (J)
(Degenerate Magazine)

Review in Russian: red here
(Maeror3, Sergey Oreskin, July 2011)


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